You are not alone

This is the post excerpt.


Let me start by saying I am very new at this blog thing, but my calling is to help others like I’ve been helped.  PTSD from domestic violence and/or child abuse is real!  When I have said that I have PTSD and that is why I have a service animal I either get asked “what war did you fight in or what branch of the military were you in?”.   I respond with, “No it is from domestic violence /child abuse.”  Then I hear oh I’m so sorry or get a unbelieving disgruntled look of disapproval like it is an excuse to have a service dog because domestic violence/child abuse has historically been swept under the rug.



Lord, I do realize that it is the forgiveness that You have offered me on the cross that enables me to offer forgiveness to others. Help me to come to the cross and find this forgiveness. Amen.